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Love is True, Only when it's Mutual

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 We all Love : to our Families, Friends, Crush, or Someone Special. But, there are different types of love according to my psychology. In each case; Sometimes, we want the other one to get him/her realized how much we love. But, we still are not satisfied by the kind of love fulfillment that we get from that person. We still are expecting more, and the LOVE Loop continues, our expectations never end.



 Maybe, we all know what it is because we may have had this kinda experience someday; Actually, we all did. But, this is the frustrating kinda love experience that we've ever had because it kills the person to his/her feelings in the end, if he doesn't get his love.He never tries to have a little discussion about his feelings for her and expects that she should realize about his feelings for her anyhow. But, how can she know about this whole matter. She won't bother for you, if she doesn't ponder on this situation.

Do you know what's painful than a 'Drop of Poison' on the edge of your tongue ?
 The answer is when she says that she loves some other guy, even if that person doesn't care a shit about her. She could do anything for him. She is ready to kill herself for her love; yes it's true that girls are super-emotional and super-excited. But, atleast they should use their piece of neuron cells or in simple words they should use their mind.
 For boys, it's very easy to fall in one sided love trap. Most of the boys keep staring their crush. They think that it's cool; but no they creeps the hell outta them. If you admire someone; just talk to them. Why creeping things out! What's the baddest thing that can happen, She can say 'No'; but she's not gonna kill you.
 There's this another situation also which can arise. In this situation she may say 'No' in the very beginning when she's confused and she has'nt decided. And, In the end she'll be okay to accept you. For this situation, you should have a little patience and your dedication for her will not fail; She'll love you.

If you think that it was 'Love'; unfortunately it is not.
 You know her, and she does smile on your crappy talks and jokes; sometimes, she says that you're looking so good. And now, you think that this is your shot; you need to propose her.
 Wait, What ! Did you propose her. That doesn't seem well. Did she ever said that she liked you. No, it's not Love. Only few days of watching her, talking to her got you into love that you're feeling right now. It's normal for the amateurs like you.
 And if she said that she's okay for becoming your girlfriend. Then she's kinda playing with your heart. Because, you can't fall in love with someone in that short amount of time. She may kill your emotions for anyone, if you don't understand that it might not be real love. Most of the times, she'll say yes for her personal benefits or if she finds you attractive for her. If it is so; then she'll leave you in the situation when you'll not have much to spend on her. She will try to avoid you.
 You've got plenty of time. Understand the situation, you can always get someone, who will like you/adore you/love you for who you are.

" Be a men, don't judge yourself after she refuses to go out with you. Dude, the matter of fact is that she can't even handle your pure heart emotions and your strong personality. Keep calm, You're the best."


 Yes, it exists if you can find. This simply states that you both love to each other. This kind of love never fades. They both feel so affectionate about each other. This is only possible when they care for each other. If one feels pain, then the other also get the sensation of that pain.
 There are some couples who think that the love they're getting is the best thing on earth that they can have. This is only possible because they are loving each other with full dedication and fidelity.

Yes, every happy couple has a secret. I'm sharing the ingredients with you.
 They both love each other and never get bored. They are happy to spend their time with each other, and they still are not bored. Their bond and chemistry never breaks. This is because they really cares for each other. They never lose faith on themselves. There is no any bit of thing that they don't share with each other. In case, if they get any dispute/fight; they never let it unresolved. They short it out and get back on the track of a happy and prosperous life. They don't take promises of growing old with each other very soon, until they have shared lot of things with each other like time, feelings, behaviors, joy,  and sorrow etc. And, if they fit in with all of the possibilities in future, they choose themselves for life and it works very well. It has worked out with most of happy couples.

 Today you love and tomorrow you get divorced !
 This is because the fact that they've spent the cheerful moments with each other and haven't had bad times in their relationship. That is why they don't have the experience of handling the disputes between couples for just silly reasons. They just get excited for making promises to die with each other. They actually don't know about the possibility and circumstances of having a breakup or getting divorced in the case of marriage. They should have mutual understanding for each other.
 Any mis-understanding can lead them to break apart and end their relationship; hence ultimately getting separated. And, yes this is one of the example for a 'Failed Marriage'. It doesn't matter that you're having an 'Arrange Marriage' or 'The Love Marriage'. You should agree to marry only when you're compatible with each other. And, for relationship; it's your decision. You can have relationship with anyone with your choice. You can have either bad or good experiences.

I think that's the best of my knowledge over the definition of types of love that the youth experiences. If you would like to add anything, you're welcome. 

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Love is True, Only when it's Mutual

Hi Doston !!! Welcome back to my another article. Get ready to get loved !!!  We all Love : to our Families, Friends, Crush, or Someone S...